firstsquad is a digital design agency
specializing on ux design & branding

permanent design

our passion is to design beautiful aesthetic interfaces. we create digital products based on symbiosis of visual design telling bright memorable story and interaction design which create awesome user experience.


photo stream ios app  u’re in control of ur privacy on application with privacy controls. post high quality photos to ur stream. set up access to each channel. 

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coupon ach.

it’s the ios app that lets user use phone to collect bonuses and pay for gamers stuff in online shops and get discount. 

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it is an ios app crafted for creating, viewing and sharing the media content. user experience design based on shaolin's monks best practices.

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finally achieve true global transparency with intelligent visibility and predictive analytics. include an armada tile with each shipment you need to track.

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we investigate to what extent ‘bag of visual words’ mod- els can be used to distinguish categories which have significant visual similarity.

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work on projects

we are focused on deliverables that absolutely matching with clients expectations.
If you have a project and want to talk to us, we'd love to hear from you. effective and professional solution of customer-set task is our primary objective in any project. each project, developed by us, is thought through to the very last fraction, all tiny nuances and details work together as one integrated system. every project, implemented by us, has both functional and aesthetic value.

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firstsquad labs

It's our way to stay tunned on innovation wave. 
Our self-initiated projects reflect our vision in evolution of digital design products.

google fonts ios app

Google Fonts team have recently released an updated version of their product. This tool began to look more attractive and professionally. More of useful information about typography and tips on using fonts was added.

We are delighted with the new design! Unfortunately, Google has not yet released Google Fonts app native for iOS.
We have decided to make our own concept for iOS applications as what we would like it to be. We have ported the existing features to iOS platform. We have also expanded the functionality of the application by adding a preview mode. 

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Always ready to connect with your friends to creat great event. The app lets you collaborate with your friends to joint work on plans. Carrier is a simple to-do lists manager that helps you get suff done. Need to assign task to your collaborators? Or remind you better half to buy bread. Create to-do list for each one of your life’s project and stay on top of everything you need to get done. Carrier is helpful for everyday tasks. Organize projects and share lists with the people around them. From planning an awesome vacation to organizing a shopping day.

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