Finally achieve true global

transparency with intelligent 

visibility and predictive analytics


It's about helping you make the right decision at the right time. Spend less time worrying about what's going on in your supply chain and more time focusing on your product. Global Visibility. See what's going on right now with every mode of transit (down to the shipment/palette level). Predictive Analytics. We're constantly making predictions about what's going to happen to the ports/airports and the shipping/air lines you care about. Fully Cloud-based. Take advantage of our fully-featured logistics cloud either through our dashboard or directly in your ERP/TMS

Include an Armada tile with each shipment you need to track.
The Armada tile will connect to local wifi networks to relay location information every once in a while.
You can view your shipment’s location and condition using our cloud-based dashboard or connect it directly to your enterprise ERP/TMS.
Get advance warning about any delays caused by external conditions, like weather, currents, or dangerous conditions, such as extreme temperature ranges, humidity and shock or vibrations.
Use real-time information to make smarter decisions, improve your supply chain operations and save money.

Everything you need to bring transparency to your supply chain. See which vendors, routes and ports are performing the best. See how they are doing compared to the rest of the industry. Anticipate congestion, bottlenecks and other potential delays with models based on deep learning.

Armada gives your supply chain an edge. It’s one thing to have all the information you need. It’s another thing to see what is most important and needs attention first. The Armada platform puts you in control of what information has top priority and what can be saved for later. You get notifications about any anomalous behavior or conditions, so you can address problems before it’s too late.