Google fonts is a service used by millions of graphic designers and front-end developers every day. Thanks to it, we have an easy access to a huge library of fonts with an open license. This service also allows convenient incorporating fonts in an application.

Google fonts team have recently released an updated version of their product. This tool began to look more attractive and professionally. More of useful information about typography and tips on using fonts was added.

We are delighted with the new design! Unfortunately, Google has not yet released Google fonts app native for iOS. We have decided to make our own concept for iOS applications as what we would like it to be. We have ported the existing features to iOS platform. We have also expanded the functionality of the application by adding a preview mode. 

Preview mode. This mode allows quick solving such a common task in the design of mobile interfaces as the creation of a content screen, which generally includes such elements as image, heading, and body text

In this mode, the user can select the best combination of pairs of fonts (heading, body) and make a variety of settings for the font that will help to achieve a better view; it is possible to add an image from the gallery or from the Internet and see the result.

At the end, you can save the preset ready for a front-end developer for future reference.